Cinema Ad Council Names 2007 Creative Excellence Award Winners

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Tue, 08/12/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Cinema Advertising Council has named the winners of its 2007 Creative Excellence Awards. The annual awards recognize high-quality entertaining advertising that has been showcased in movie theatres during the past year on a national regional and local basis.   “With Madison Avenue's continued embrace of cinema advertising it comes as no surprise that advertisers and their agencies continue to raise the bar relative to their on-and off-screen creative ” says Stu Ballatt president and chairman of the CAC. “All of these advertisers have created terrific examples of how to leverage the high-impact break-through medium that cinema has become.” The trade association represents 82 percent of U.S. movie screens. Nominees were chosen by the CAC membership with the CAC board of directors then voting on the winning creative.  Voting took place in six categories based on the following creative criteria: storyline (does the spot/clip/campaign tell an interesting story; not applicable to still image advertising) uniqueness (is the spot/clip/campaign differentiated from the other more mainstream spots and does it result in strong recall) cinematic consistency (does the spot/clip/campaign present in a manner consistent with the motion picture theatre) creative expression (is the spot/clip/campaign unique and new and a departure from the standard formula) and entertainment value (does all of the above result in a strong positive response).   Advertising that appeared in the theatre environment between January 1 2007 and December 31 2007 was eligible. Following are the winners of the 2007 CAC Creative Excellence Awards:   Top Regional or National Commercial Spot (ran in more than one theatre in two or more markets) – Absolut Vodka:  ‘Protest’ (Creative: TBWA/Chiat/Day)   Top Regional or National Long-form Advertisement – Discovery Channel: ‘Planet Earth’ (Creative: Discovery Channel)   Top Integrated Cinema Advertising Campaign (coordinated on-screen and in-lobby advertising elements) – Army National Guard: ‘Citizen Soldier’ (Creative: LM&O Advertising; Media: LM&O Advertising)   Top Local Commercial Spot – Arizona State Fair: ‘Cotton Candy’ (Creative: Great Scott Productions)   Top Still Image Advertisement (local regional or national; slide or digital) – Pepsi-Cola Company: ‘Spider-Man 3 Cutouts Q&A’ (Creative: Tracy Locke)   Top Digitally Animated Cinema Advertisement (local regional or national) – Kearney Mesa Scion: ‘Get Your Ride On’ (Creative: National CineMedia) Awards are given to the advertiser and/or the creative agency responsible for the advertisements except for the integrated campaign awards which go to the advertiser creative agency and media agency.   Cinema Advertising Council