Cinedigm Digital Cinema Passes 10 000 Screen Mark

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Thu, 01/12/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinedigm Digital Cinema has signed more than 10 000 digital cinema screens in its combined Phase One and Phase Two digital cinema deployment. In total given the company’s previously contracted agreements Cinedigm says it will deploy nearly 33 percent of all digital cinema screens in North America. “Passing the 10 000 mark in digital screen conversion contracts is a huge milestone for both Cinedigm and the entire exhibition industry says Cinedigm chairman and chief executive officer Chris McGurk.  “This digital transformation has created a tremendous paradigm shift that will have long-lasting ramifications on all aspects of the theatrical industry.  From the types of content shown in theatres including LIVE 3D events and ongoing programs to the overall management efficiencies and analytical information offered by digital theaters digital conversion provides studios and theater companies with an entirely novel way of providing entertainment to the film-going community.” In the combined Phase One and Phase Two digital cinema deployment program Cinedigm says it has: ·   Signed 10 007 screens overall ·   Installed 8 750 digital screens ·   Signed digital screens deals with 180 exhibitors Gary Loffredo Cinedigm’s president of digital cinema services praised the company’s recent success. “Our growing exhibitor partner-base has made it clear that Cinedigm is the number-one choice for exhibitors to entrust with their digital cinema program ” he says. “With just over seven months remaining before the end of our rollout period in September 2012 per our studio agreements we expect this enthusiasm and momentum in digital conversion to continue during the coming months.”   Cinedigm ,2982
Cinemark Completes Digital Conversion Across Entire Circuit,2012-01-13, Cinemark completed its digital cinema conversion in December to become the largest theater chain in North America with 100 percent digital projection in its domestic first-run theaters.

In addition to supplying projectors to Cinemark Barco also performed all of the installation services for the full circuit deployment delivering and converting every single screen. “We requested a very aggressive deployment schedule right from the start and Barco hit each and every deadline ” says Damian Wardle vice president of worldwide theatre technology & presentation at Cinemark. “They've installed thousands of projectors in rapid succession even as they were literally being introduced.” 

“Barco has been a terrific partner every step of the way ” says Alan Stock chief executive officer of Cinemark. “We've enjoyed great success with our digital cinema conversion which attests to the excellent product quality reliability and ease of use of Barco's projectors.” 

 The final projector was installed in Greensboro North Carolina marking the conclusion of a deployment which began in May 2010. “We are thrilled to join with Cinemark in celebrating their outstanding accomplishment of becoming 100 percent digital ” says Patrick Lee vice president digital cinema for Barco North America. “As they continue their worldwide expansion and conversion to digital cinema we will continue to provide Barco's hallmark customer service technical support and certification training to assure their enjoyment of the best and brightest projectors in the world.” Barco Cinemark ,2983
Silver City Victoria Cinemas Opens in time for Mission: Impossible,2012-01-13,Cineplex Entertainment opened the new Imax theatre at Silver City Victoria Cinemas last month in time for a special promotional presentation of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Guests have embraced Imax's immersive format and we are so pleased that Victoria residents are now able to experience Imax at Silver City Victoria says Pat Marshall vice president communications and investor relations Cineplex Entertainment. Our new Imax theatre at Silver City Victoria features brand new seats screen sound system and digital Imax projection system so guests can fully enjoy The Imax Experience. Cineplex Entertainment ,2984
Cinepolis Opens Six-Screen Theatre in Surat,2012-01-13, Cinepolis the world's fourth largest cinema chain and India's top international exhibitor has opened a six-screen all-digital theatre in Surat. The complex features 1201 seats with 2K digital screens 7.1 Dolby digital audio and 3D screens powered by Real-D. With the recent launch of Cinepolis Ahmedabad in November this year and in Surat now Gujarat is the only state with two Cinepolis multiplexes.
 Milan Saini managing director and country head Cinepolis India says “We are pleased to launch Surat's first international multiplex. Film enthusiasts in the city will notice a difference in terms of the clarity of our digital screens and the latest 3D technology we employ. With our world class facilities we look forward to serving the community with the best cinema experience in town.” Ashish Shukla head of exhibition Cinepolis India says “The real pleasure of this world-class technology will make the movie experience incomparable. At Cinepolis we strongly believe in bringing together international and local flavors. The cinema has been carefully crafted keeping in mind local sentiments and requirements – A 100 percent vegetarian menu has been created for our discerning patrons. The best international audio and video technologies have been coupled with comfortable extra wide legroom for the first time in Surat.” ,2985
Cineworks Opens Satellite Operation in New Orleans,2012-01-13,Louisiana-based Cineworks has opened a satellite operation at Second Line Stages to support film production at the Garden District sound stage facility and increase its capabilities in the Greater New Orleans area. When fully staffed the new location will employ three people full-time new jobs added to the company’s roster of 15 experienced technical experts. The new operation consists of digital dailies suites with fiber upload capabilities able to work with most of the digital cameras and workflows currently on the market and provides productions based at Second Line faster access to Cineworks personnel and capabilities. The Second Line satellite location is the next phase of a deliberately planned multi-market expansion in Louisiana that enables us to give film productions on-the-ground access to the highest levels of technology and technical expertise. Louisiana is seeing more than 100 productions a year all looking to maximize their budgets says Cineworks Los Angeles president Vinny Hogan. With these locations we’re one step closer to the productions which helps simplify their process and gives them state-of-the-art services right here in the state. It’s an additional level of depth to Louisiana’s overall production industry and that is very attractive to anyone looking to film here. The new location also provides easy proximity to the company’s fully equipped state-of-the-art film lab in New Orleans the only one in the state and one of only a handful in the nation. We welcome the addition of Cineworks to Second Line because it provides great value to productions using our facility says Kevin Murphy president/CEO at Second Line Stages.  As productions look to maximize their budgets and continue to get the highest quality possible it makes sense to have these services available in Louisiana. With local operations and on-set services Cineworks is making that easier than ever. With this addition Cineworks which first opened its doors in Louisiana in 2008 now operates two locations in the Greater New Orleans area (including the company’s headquarters and film lab) along with satellite operations in Shreveport and Baton Rouge. ,2986
Digiplex Files for Public Offering,2012-01-13,Digital Cinema Destinations (Digiplex) has filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission relating to the proposed initial public offering of its Class A common stock. Digiplex intends to use the net proceeds from the offering to finance its acquisition of certain assets of Cinema Supply which consist of five movie theaters with fifty-four screens located in central Pennsylvania repayment of certain outstanding obligations and general corporate purposes. The number of shares to be offered and the price range for the proposed offering have not yet been determined. Dominick & Dominick will act as lead book-running manager for the offering. This offering will be made only by means of a prospectus. Digital Cinema Destinations Corp. ,2989
Deluxe Delivers More Than 100 Million Trailers to Blu-ray Consumers,2012-01-13,Deluxe Digital Studios has delivered more than 100 million movie trailers directly to Blu-ray consumers with nearly 6.5 million trailers delivered directly to consumers' connected Blu-ray players in a single month. The number of connected Blu-ray players increased dramatically over the last year says Jin Kim senior vice president of new media and creative at Deluxe Digital Studios. Trailer Pre-Roll usage has climbed well beyond our initial expectations and we expect our deliveries to exceed 10 million per month during 2012 which is exciting as it offers our partners an incredible source of incremental media value. Deluxe's Trailer Pre-Roll technology enables trailers to change depending on what movie the consumer decides to watch. Trailers are streamed to Internet-connected Blu-ray players each time a disc is inserted. Studios now have the option to promote and stream fresh trailers of new films rather than presenting old and dated trailers over and over again says Kim. Data shows more than half of consumers watch entire trailers instead of skipping ahead to the movie menu. Trailer Pre-Roll allows studios to reach a substantial number of households and target specific audiences based on the movies they watch says Kim. Deluxe Digital Studios ,2990
Dolby Screen Server Passes Compliance Test,2012-01-13,Dolby Laboratories has announced that The Dolby Screen Server DSS200 has passed the Compliance Test Plan Version 1.1 as conducted by Keio University. Owners of existing DSS200 servers will be able to upgrade their servers to ensure compliance with DCI Cinema Systems Specification Version 1.2 with only a software update; no additional hardware will be required to meet DCI compliance.  The software update is expected to be available in 2012.   “Dolby is committed to meeting customer requirements for functionality quality and support. Our goal is to bring value to the investment they have made by simplifying the DCI process ” says Ramzi Haidamus executive vice president sales and marketing Dolby Laboratories. “With thousands of servers in the field it’s important that we provide our customers with a simple software update ensuring a smooth rollout with minimal disruption to their daily operations.”   The Dolby Screen Server—the nucleus of the Dolby Digital Cinema system—is designed by Dolby as an all-in-one platform to store decode and deliver pristine movies to the digital cinema projector.   Dolby’s DSS200 certification is now listed on DCI’s official site:   Dolby Laboratories ,2991
Odeon Completes Digital Transition of 890 Screens,2012-01-13,Odeon the largest cinema chain across the UK and Ireland has completed its digital rollout. The program over two years has involved all 113 Odeon cinemas in the UK and Ireland. A total of 890 Odeon screens are now operating with Doremi DCP-2000 digital cinema servers. Marking the completion of the digital conversion program Odeon COO Roger Harris says “Throughout this program we have had great support from our partners Doremi Cinema. That and the reliability of their cinema servers has helped to make this period of great change run smoothly.” Brent Watson Doremi European customer services manager says “This is a milestone for digital cinema in the UK. We are proud to have been so closely involved with this successful project and look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Odeon.” The business continues as Odeon expands. Due to the chain’s recent acquisition of five Reel cinemas 26 more servers are now heading for installation and a further six are needed for a new Dublin cinema. ,2992
Dream Anthem Posts at Optimus Chicago,2012-01-13,A new campaign for American Family Insurance evokes the company’s association with heartland values through finely crafted images of factory workers motorcycle riders newborn babies and kids diving into swimming pools. Conceived by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago the campaign involved a seven-day shoot in Wisconsin Indiana and Michigan. Post work was completed at Optimus Chicago. Principal photography was recorded with an Arri Alexa camera with some scenes captured on 35mm film. At Optimus original production elements initially went through a dailies color pass performed by Ken Wald on a Baselight Transfer system. “It worked beautifully ” says Optimus associate colorist Joel Signer. “We applied dailies color and made DNXHD files for editorial. We were getting camera elements every day and were able to turn them around at faster than real time so that our editor Mike Berg could immediately begin cutting.” After the spot was cut and conformed it was moved to a Baselight Eight system for final grading. “We performed the grade with the agency’s creative team in attendance and they were able to see everything in the context of the cut ” Signer says. “To be able to watch the cut in the grading suite is one of the great benefits of Baselight. We’ve been using this workflow for three years and our clients have gotten very used to working this way—they appreciate it very much. They don’t have to wait for us to switch reels or worry about what format was used to record the material.” From a creative perspective the post team’s goal was to bring out the iconic quality of the imagery. “Every shot is a hero shot ” Signer says. “Our job was to make it all look great.” Credits: Title:  Dreams Anthem Client:  American Family Insurance Agency:  Ogilvy & Mather Chicago. Joe Sciarrotta Managing Director/CCO; Mitch Gordon Senior Partner Group Creative Director; Donna Charlton-Perrin Creative Director;  Tereasa Surratt Creative Director; Larry Byrne Senior Partner/Director of Production; Mike Diedrich Partner/Executive Producer Production: Radical Media Santa Monica. Josh & Xander directors; Frank Scherma executive producer; Steve Annis director of photography Post: Optimus Chicago. Brian Hrastar executive producer; Mike Berg editor; Logan Hall assistant editor; Craig Leffel colorist; Jeffery Greco assistant colorist FilmLight ,2995
GDC Servers Earn DCI Compliance,2012-01-13,GDC Technology has achieved DCI compliance for its SA-2100 and SX-2001 family of digital cinema servers.   The GDC Tech certification test was conducted by CineCert the only organization in North America licensed by DCI to administer the CTP. There is no need to upgrade the hardware of the SA-2100 and SX-2001 family of servers to satisfy DCI Cinema Systems Specification Version 1.2; GDC Tech family of servers will be able to upgrade by software to ensure DCI compliance.   “Obtaining DCI compliance for our SA-2100 and SX-2001 family of servers exemplifies GDC Tech’s belief in ensuring our customers the availability of a simple upgrade path to continue meeting the industrial digital cinema standard ” says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Tech. “With 12 years of experience in digital cinema servers and over 14 000 digital cinema servers installed worldwide GDC Tech has always protected its customers’ investment in digital cinema servers. In the last 12 years of evolving digital cinema requirements GDC Tech was the first to provide an upgrade path to meet MXF MPEG2 the then de facto standard of digital cinema prior to DCI specification; and years later the first to provide an upgrade path to DCI JPEG2000 servers. And GDC Tech is now safeguarding our customers’ investment again by providing an upgrade to GDC Tech family of servers to meet DCI Specification Version 1.2.”   GDC Technology ,2996
Hollywood Edge Releases Segue Surround 5.1 HD,2012-01-13,The Hollywood Edge has announced the release of Segue Surround 5.1 HD a first-of-its-kind sound effects toolkit featuring more than 1 100 whooshes stingers impact effects atmospherics and other transitional elements created in true 5.1 surround sound. The large collection is well suited for films broadcast television radio commercials trailers interactive media podcasts and other types of programming requiring special sound treatments. “This newest collection is unlike anything else on the market and fulfills one of the most basic needs of sound professionals: creating great transitions ” says Hollywood Edge managing director John Moran. “It encompasses a great diversity of styles and editorial categories recorded and mixed to the highest professional standards. It is a great resource for editors looking to push their ideas into the realm of surround sound.” Segue Surround 5.1 HD includes separately mixed 5.1 and stereo versions of each effect and is suitable for sound professionals of all levels. The collection includes three DVDs of 6-channel surround audio in 24-bit/96khz one DVD of 2-channel stereo audio in 24-bit/96khz and three audio CDs of 2-channel stereo in 16-bit/44khz. The Hollywood Edge ,2997
International 3D Society Names 2012 Techology Award Winners,2012-01-13,The International 3D Society today announced the 14 companies and organizations to be honored at its 2012 3D Technology Awards on January 19th in Hollywood. The Awards Committee considered 3D technologies with an eye on those that are genuine advances to the state of the art. We want to shine a spotlight on worthy products that make a contribution to professional and consumer applications said Lenny Lipton chairman of the Society's Awards Committee. Our theme for 2012 is Make It 3D and this year's honored organizations have met industry challenges with superb technical innovation said Jim Chabin president of the society. Receiving honors at this year's awards luncheon in Hollywood will be (in alphabetical order): Blu-ray Disc Association: Blu-ray 3D Specification Cameron/Pace Group: Shadow D Technology and the Shadow D System Fuji: Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative: FHD3DGI Standard GoPro: 3D Hero System HDMI Licensing: Standardization of 3D Formats over the HDMI Interface. Specification Version 1.4a LG Electronics: LG Cinema 3D TV Panasonic: AG-3DA1 Twin Lens 3D Camera Recorder Peter Wimmer: Stereoscopic Player Silicon Imaging: SI-3D Stereo Digital Cinema Camera System Sony: HDR-TD10 3D Handycam Camcorder Sony: Playstation 3 Vizio: Theater 3D YouTube: 3D Channel Entries were reviewed by the Society's 3D Technology Awards Committee for achievement during 2011. The International 3D Society ,2999
JVC Introduces first Handheld 4K Camcorder,2012-01-13, JVC has announced the GY-HMQ10 which the company says is the world’s first handheld 4K camcorder. Powered by JVC’s Falconbrid large-scale integration chip for high-speed signal processing and a 1/2-inch CMOS imager with 8.3 million active pixels it delivers real-time 3840x2160 footage at 24p 50p or 60p. “We’re witnessing the birth of what is destined to become a broad market for full 4K end-to-end production ” says Edgar Shane general manager of engineering. “The GY-HMQ10 is a breakthrough product that opens up 4K imaging to users who previously wouldn't have considered it.”

 High-resolution 4K still picture imaging has been around for several years in DSLR cameras. Motion video capture with these cameras has always been done at a lower video resolution because of lack of processing power. Likewise high-end digital motion picture cameras may capture 4K images but often provide a raw data output to an external storage array for later processing—again due to lack of processing power in the camera. There just hasn't been the ability to capture process display and record full 4K images in real time until now.

JVC's exclusive Falconbrid LSI processing takes raw image data from the camera's CMOS device and dematrixes (deBayers) it in real time. Unlike many high-end 4K cameras the GY-HMQ10 is able to output 4K images to a monitor or projection system in real time with virtually no latency. Using MPEG-4 technology and a variable bit rate H.264 codec operating at up to 144 Mbps the GY-HMQ10 records up to two hours of 4K video to economical SDHC or SDXC memory cards.

 In addition to 4K imaging the GY-HMQ10 also captures and records1080i or 1080/60p full HD with detail provided by its 8.3 megapixel imager and superior lens. HD is recorded on a single memory card in a format compatible with most editing systems. 

Similar in size to JVC’s popular GY-HM150 ProHD camcorder the GY-HMQ10 includes a build-in F2.8 10x zoom lens with optical image stabilizer as well as a color viewfinder and 3.5-inch touch LCD monitor with a new intuitive user interface. The GY-HMQ10 is built in a familiar comfortable and lightweight form factor for hours of field production with minimum fatigue.

The GY-HMQ10 is equipped with manual level controls for audio with audio metering in the LCD and viewfinder displays. A microphone holder and two balanced XLR connectors with phantom power are located on the handle. The camera is equipped with a built-in stereo mic for ambient sound pickup.

Other features include JVC’s patented Focus Assist as well as manual and auto control of focus iris gain shutter gamma color matrix and white balance. Plus the camera has the unusual capability of live 4K output via four HDMI terminals. “Historically JVC has been a leader in camcorder and display technology and the GY-HMQ10 is our latest breakthrough ” says Shane. “It's part of a larger move at JVC to bring 4K technology to a wide range of customers.” The GY-HMQ10 will sell for $4 995 when deliveries start in March. ,3000
JVC Introduces 24-Inch 3D Production Analysis Monitor,2012-01-13, JVC has introduced the DT-3D24G1U 24-inch HD 3D LCD production analysis LCD monitor. The latest addition to JVC’s Vérité G Series product line the compact monitor supports virtually any 3D camera setting with advanced measurement tools to confirm that left and right images have been properly aligned.

 With its X-Pol circular polarizing system the DT-3D24G1U displays 3D images that can be seen using inexpensive polarized (passive) glasses which avoids potential flicker and power issues associated with active shutter glasses. With no need to synchronize glasses with the display the monitor is ideal for viewing environments where multiple displays are used such as control rooms or production trucks. Plus the DT-3D24G1U can be battery powered making it ideal for location shoots.

Compatible with side-by-side and line-by-line 3D formats the DT-3D24G1U offers a number of tools for checking 3D signals including a 3D cursor that enables binocular disparity to be easily adjusted for optimized 3D effects. Other 3D features include unique 3D measurement markers for left and right channels mirror/rotation of one channel for dual-camera rigs split left/right signals for fine tuning camera positions as well as iris and white balance and left/right sequential display to allow viewing of footage without 3D glasses. In addition a left/right swap allows users to check whether cables from the camera(s) to the monitor are connected properly.

Beyond 3D functions the DT-3D24G1U is equipped with many professional features found in the Vérité G Series. The LCD panel offers 1920x1200 pixel resolution with 10-bit digital processing and 3G and dual link HD-SDI inputs. Its built-in dual mode waveform and vectorscope provide an easy way to check and monitor input signals from both channels for camera adjustment. The monitor also offers various gamma selection options displays up to 12 channels of audio metering supports LTC/VITC time code and provides on-screen time code display that can show any time code difference between both inputs. 

The DT-3D24G1U has a list price of $11 995 and will be available in January.
 JVC Professional Products Company ,3001
Shanghai Film Group to install MasterImage 3D Systems,2012-01-13,The Shanghai Film Group Corporation's Lian He Group one of the largest cinema circuit groups in China has adopted MasterImage 3D systems for use in its circuit. Through the agreement Shanghai Lian He Cinema will begin to deploy MasterImage 3D's new Mi-Clarity3D in selected theatres. We look forward to establishing a good and close relationship with MasterImage 3D and are pleased to be working together. MasterImage 3D and its Mi-Clarity3D system options offer a great combination of 3D picture portability and affordable quality 3D glasses with a smart business model says Ms. Xu Xiao Ping general manager of Shanghai Lian He Group. Shanghai Lian He Cinema is one of the best run and advanced companies in the cinema business in China says Jonggeun Hwang president of MasterImage 3D Asia. We are pleased by their confidence in MasterImage 3D and that our technology will enable theatre patrons across the provinces to continue to enjoy movies in high quality 3D. MasterImage 3D ,3002
P+S Technik Opens Technical Center in Hollywood

,2012-01-13,P+S Technik has opened a technical center in Hollywood to service and support the PS-Cam X35 and other P+S products in the United States. Alan Lasky and Michael Gamböck will run the center which is on the lot of the Television Center Studios.
 Lasky will run the office full time. Gamböck joined P+S Technik this year and will spend half of his time in America. He has a long history in sales and has worked for Avid Elektrofilm (post-production) and Bavaria Film. ,3003
Documenting the Search for Pirate Gold,2012-01-13,Pirate Island follows legendary underwater archeologist Barry Clifford as he searches for pirate shipwrecks in the waters near Île Sainte-Marie a tiny island off the coast of Madagascar. As with Somali pirates today the Indian Ocean was terrorized in the 18th century by marauding seamen who amassed huge fortunes by pillaging commercial vessels. Clifford the only person to previously have found a pirate shipwreck was seeking evidence of these early pirates and their booty. Original which produced the film entirely in-house has a desire to create a wide range of content both as part of a diversification strategy and to develop unique opportunities for its staff of directors and other talent. Pirate Island recently made its world premiere on the History Channel Geoffrey Madeja who served as producer and cinematographer developed the concept for the doc with Clifford and led the crew on a five week shoot (that included extensive underwater shoots with dive teams).  Editorial computer animation and other post work was completed at Original’s production headquarters in Los Angeles. Madeja and his crew recorded Clifford making a number of incredible finds including five sunken pirate ships some the obvious result of combat with British naval ships. Clifford and his dive teams retrieved cannon cannonballs and homemade hand grenades as well as Austrian and Dutch gold coins. They also found some lead coins used by pirates as gambling tokens. “We didn’t have time to fully excavate the shipwrecks; that will take years ” says Madeja. “We just opened the glove compartment.” Madeja brought in a team of geologists who made what may have been the most intriguing discovery revealed in the show. Using scanning equipment to scour the grounds of a tiny islet they unearthed a system of subterranean tunnels used by pirates to hide their loot. Shooting in Madagascar posed a number of logistical hurdles. Upon landing on the island Madeja found that his film permits had been revoked prompting a new round of negotiations with local authorities. “There was also the challenge of getting film equipment our crew and the excavation team to the remote location ” Madeja says. “Once production began we were doing two or three dives a day plus hiking through mountain and jungle environments.” Murky Indian Ocean waters also proved difficult to shoot in. “Often we couldn’t see more than a foot in front of us ” Madeja recalls. “We were also very careful to avoid stone fish and sea urchins—which had foot long tentacles.” Back in the more relaxed confines of Original’s production offices a team of CG animators produced computer animated simulations of 18th century sea battles. Madeja’s crews shot live action background plates for the animated sequences to increase the sense of realism. As challenging as the documentary was to pull off Madeja suggests it would have been impossible without the resources offered by Original. “The writers the editors the animators…we’ve got it all here under one roof ” he says. “That was really great.” Original ,3004
Red Digital Cinema Sues Arri in Federal Court,2012-01-13, In a story that has been widely reported Red Digital Cinema has sued Arri and former Arri employee Michael Bravin. Red claims that while at Arri Bravin hacked into the emails of his former employer Burbank reseller Band Pro Film & Digital which was discussing possible joint ventures with Red. Bravin and spokesmen for Arri and Band Pro all declined the opportunity to comment for this article. Red did not respond to my request for a comment. In or about December 2009 Bravin resigned at Band Pro and in January 2010 he joined Arri. Red is informed and believes and thereupon alleges that Bravin was employed as vice-president of market development for digital camera products and worked out of Arri's Burbank office the complaint states. Bravin without permission and unlawfully accessed and/or copied thousands of emails from the Band Pro server including emails from Red personnel specifically including Jim Jannard. Red is informed and believes and thereupon alleges that Bravin's purpose in reviewing these numerous emails on a regular basis for a over half a year at the same time Arri was attempting to launch its [Alexa] camera was corporate espionage and an effort was to gain confidential proprietary information regarding competitors including Red to provide Arri an unfair business advantage against its competitors including Red in bringing its Arri Alexa camera to market the complaint states. In August Bravin was indicted with computer fraud and email hacking and has since pleaded guilty to illegally accessing Band Pro's email server in a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney's Office. During December 2009 and July 2010 Bravin used the forum to make disparaging remarks regarding Red and encouraging viewers to instead look for and purchase the Arri Alexa camera. Among other things Bravin falsely asserted that the Arri Alexa camera was a superior camera to the Red Epic camera and otherwise attempted to encourage Red users to use the Arri camera and divert sales from Red according to the complaint. The complaint also accuses Arri of false advertising and alleges that the movie I Hate You Dad was shot on the Alexa when it was in fact shot with the Red. Red is reportedly seeking unspecified damages. ,3005
XDC Group and DFL Reach Agreement on Irish Roll Out,2012-01-13,XDC Group and DFL have reached an agreement to allow XDC to provide significant funding of the digital roll out in Ireland. Existing DFL virtual print fee agreements with Irish exhibitors will be transferred to XDC. Already deployed digital systems will be acquired by XDC and managed under their VPF agreement with the Studios. Serge Plasch chief executive officer of XDC Group says “Ireland is a key country in our pan-European expansion and I am much excited about this project. On one hand this will enable our FTT integrator network to support DCL with the Irish digital roll out and on the other hand XDC will take care of the VPF roll out initiative. This is an important achievement towards our pan-European strategy.” Kevin Cummins CEO of DFL/DCL says “It’s great that we have reached agreement with XDC. DFL has 150 systems already deployed and this agreement with XDC will speed up the roll out of an additional 400 screens in the next 12 months. We are also delighted to cooperate with FTT the largest cinema service company in Europe.” David Pope XDC’s director of operations for UK & IR says “This is XDC’s first step into Ireland and what a giant step it is. I am looking forward to working with Kevin and his team. The cinema market in Ireland is a perfect candidate for a 100 percent digital conversion.” ,3008
32Ten Studios Launches on Former ILM Site
,2012-01-31, Kerner Optical has launched 32Ten Studios which will be based at the former site of Industrial Light and Magic in San Rafael California. The new venture will be employee owned and will be headed by industry veterans Tim Partridge who will serve as president and CEO and Greg Maloney who will serve as COO. The new company will rent its historic soundstage to outside projects and will also provide a new home base for many of the elite model makers and practical effects technicians of Marin County who were previously employed by ILM and later by Kerner Optical. Members of the 32Ten practical effects team have created movie magic for over 20 years on this historic soundstage starting with The Empire Strikes Back and continuing on with The Return of the Jedi the Back to the Future trilogy the Pirates of the Caribbean films War of the Worlds Indiana Jones 4 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Transformers Terminator Salvation the 2009 Star Trek Iron Man II and dozens more. We are delighted that the facility at this famous site has been reopened and we will be able to continue creating amazing realistic effects for mainstream and independent filmmakers says Geoff Heron practical effects supervisor with ILM and Kerner Optical. Heron’s work included FX contributions to such films as Mission Impossible III Evan Almighty Terminator Salvation and The Last Airbender among many others. All the model makers in the area are excited about this new venture and can't wait to start building once again says Nick D'Abo model supervisor with ILM and Kerner Optical whose work was featured on movies such as Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Transformers Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and most recently Priest and Cowboys and Aliens. 32Ten will also offer a digital VFX facility for finalizing shots and finishing projects and will offer its facility for rent to producers of projects from across all media. The approximately 6 000 square foot soundstage boasts a 20-foot high two wall covered green screen. Adjacent to the soundstage is the screening room which offers 138 seats in one of the most luxurious theaters in the area. Wardrobe make-up and production offices will also be available for rent within the site. This building has an amazing movie history and we are delighted to be able to offer it to all Bay Area producers says Partridge. We also wanted to provide a place where the many gifted artist who live in the area can once again create their unique form of film magic. 32Ten is a collaborative venture one that will hopefully attract other service providers and filmmakers in need of a vibrant location for their projects.” “We want to build a creative community around this once legendary site where many of 
us got our start in the industry” says Maloney.  “The experience in FX among the people 
here is incredible and we want to make that expertise and this facility available to 
content creators everywhere.” 32Ten Studios