Cinedeck Release Version 3.5 Software for RX and EX Systems

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Thu, 06/14/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinedeck has released version 3.5 software for its RX and portable EX record monitoring and playback systems. Cinedeck said the v3.5 release includes more native codec support including DNxHD 444 DVCPro HD DPX XDCam EX-1440 AVC-Intra MPEG-IMX JFIF Meridien H.264 capture and playback and Nanoflash MXF playback. (Features vary by model.) Also included in version 3.5 are Cinedeck's new 3D stereo visualization tools which meet production demand for on-set/near-set playback and checking of 3D stereo material as soon as it has been shot. These include several Anaglyph playback options including color half color gray and optimized plus overlay luma difference and flip-flop when shooting with mirror/beamsplitter rigs. This comprehensive toolset gives stereographers the opportunity to analyze their 3D set-ups and make adjustments early in the production process. In addition Cinedeck RX is now available in two configurations one for broadcast and one for digital cinema. Both are now shipping.

With the new software release these versions extend native support to include Panasonic DVCPRO-HD AVC-Intra Sony XDCam EX-1440 plus DPX with audio recorded to WAV MPEG-IMX and playback for Nanoflash MXF. Both configurations are shipping with Cinedeck Controller a free TCP/IP Windows-based application enabling multiple systems to be managed from any PC or via a browser with no additional hardware requirements. Cinedeck Controller drives up to 24 channels (across 12 RX systems) from a single interface and allows multiple Cinedecks to be configured and controlled simultaneously.
 Cine/444 v3.5 includes additional support for Avid DNxHD 444 1080p at 23.98 24 25 and 29.97fps plus Cinedeck's new 3D stereo visualization monitoring tools.
 The new v3.5 software upgrades are available for immediate download free-of-charge to customers with a current maintenance subscription. Cinedeck EX is available for purchase via resellers worldwide starting at $8 495. Cinedeck Broadcast and Cine/444 are priced at $14 995.