Cine Project Joins Unitia

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Mon, 11/23/2015 - 11:07 -- Nick Dager

The founding members of Unitia, Cine Digital Service (France) and Kelonik Group (Spain) have announced that a new member has joined their ranks:  Cine Project, the market leader for installations of digital cinema equipment in Germany with more than 3,300 cinema halls under service.

This announcement was made during the first session of the Unitia Group taking place at the headquarters of Cine Digital in Nantes, France.

“Since the announcement of this association and on the occasion of Cine Europe our managing directors and technical departments have continuously discussed various new strategies. We take this week as an opportunity for an even more intensive exchange with the creation of working groups. Unitia and their members have grand ambitions and the projects are mushrooming,” says Jean-Noel Fagot, president of CDS and Unitia.

Thomas Naranjo, general director of the Kelonik Group says, “The main issue is the growth of the group by attracting new members from other countries as well as the development of new projects. Welcome Cine Project.“