Cine Plaza SuntoMoon Japan’s First DCI-Compliant Theatre

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Wed, 07/27/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cine Plaza SuntoMoon has become Japan’s first fully DCI compliant theatre. Located in the Shizuoka prefecture it has 12 screens and can seat more than 2000 moviegoers. Six of the screens have already been equipped with Barco digital cinema projectors. 

This past month one DP4K-23B one DP2K-12C and four DP2K-15C projectors were added – making Cine Plaza SuntoMoon the first cinema in Japan to be equipped with 4K DLP projectors. Now that all of the Barco projectors are in place (both 2K and 4K) Cine Plaza SuntoMoon is also the first cinema in Japan to fully meet the DCI specifications.  Fumiyoshi Otani sales director for Shizukatsu says “We have been using Barco products since the Series 1 projector. Barco's DLP cinema projectors are the only choice when you want to give moviegoers the highest quality cinema experience. Barco projectors are more robust easy to use and have a low total cost of ownership. Furthermore Barco helped minimize the cost of our digitization by perfectly matching our screen sizes with its range of projectors. We are very satisfied with Barco.” 
 Masao Sasano sales manager digital cinema for Barco Japan says “We are very pleased that Shizukatsu Company has recognized Barco quality from the beginning and that they have now added the 4K Enhanced Barco DLP cinema projector to their 2K projectors. We are proud to offer our highest image quality to their Cine Plaza SuntoMoon moviegoers while supporting Shizukatsu with cost-effective solutions.” 

 Looking ahead on October Shizukatsu is scheduled to open a new 10-screen cinema complex – called Cine City Zart – across from the Shin-Shizuoka station. All 10 screens will be equipped with Barco digital cinema projectors.