Christie Announces Simplified Virtual Print Fee Program

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Tue, 08/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Christie has announced a simplified Virtual Print Fee program for North America exhibitors seeking to make their move to DCI Compliant digital cinema projection systems in the near future. With support from all the major Hollywood studios including the Walt Disney Company Twentieth Century Fox Universal Pictures Paramount Pictures Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures the new Christie VPF program is for exhibitors wanting the greatest independence in planning a digital cinema conversion with VPF financial support through the Christie plan. 

 “Based on our experience in helping to convert more than 20 000 theatres worldwide we specifically designed Christie’s VPF program to be a perfect match for exhibitors who are looking to convert from film to digital in the most cost-effective and seamless manner ” says Craig Sholder vice president entertainment solutions Christie. “Simply put we are providing a path to all exhibitors interested in making the conversion from film to digital.” “The Christie VPF program is another step toward full conversion of the North American theatrical marketplace to digital cinema ” says Noah Bergman vice president of business development and strategic planning at Universal Pictures. “This agreement which expands upon our long-standing relationship with Christie provides exhibitors with great flexibility in adopting digital cinema in their theatres. Universal remains committed to ensuring that every moviegoer is provided with the highest quality cinema entertainment experience.” “Christie is the frontrunner in digital cinema. Paramount is happy to be a part of their VPF program which will give exhibitors one more path for conversion of 35mm film auditoriums to d-cinema ” says Mark Christiansen executive vice president of operations for Paramount Pictures Domestic Distribution. “The rollout of the Christie VPF fills an urgent need on the part of the vast majority of exhibitors across North America for a way to fast track their conversions to digital cinema. As well as providing moviegoers with the technical brilliance that Christie projectors are famous for the new VPF also brings peace of mind to exhibitors as it is backed by a wide range of services that will help a smooth transition to digital cinema. Fox is pleased to be a partner in this latest endeavor that will see our quality products reach an even wider audience ” says Julian Levin executive vice president Twentieth Century Fox. “The Christie VPF plan is ideal for independent exhibitors which represent some 10 000 to 15 000 screens in the U.S. and Canada and who are seeking a trusted partner in the industry ” says Sholder. “The Christie VPF program is specially designed to help exhibitors convert in the simplest most cost-effective and affordable way possible.”
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