China Leads Asia Pacific Region in Digital Cinema Adoption

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Thu, 12/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Demand for DLP Cinema digital projection remained exceptionally high in China in the twelve-month timeframe between December 1 2011 and November 30 2012 according to Dave Duncan business manager of DLP Cinema & Professional Display Products for Texas Instruments. He announced these findings at CineAsia which was held this week at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong. The total number of DLP Cinema screens in China rose to 12 029 from 7 745 maintaining China’s position as the leading adopter of digital cinema throughout the Asia Pacific with 57 percent of the DLP Cinema screens in the entire region. Of those screens 73 percent (8 783) are enabled to show 3D content. As a whole the Asia Pacific region grew to 21 126 DLP Cinema screens (13 679 as 3D-enabled) for 58 and 64 percent increases respectively between December 1 2011 and November 30 2012. “It is an exciting time in the cinema industry. Driven by the end of the film era theatres converted to DLP Cinema at a record pace in 2012 in every region and especially in the Asia Pacific ” said Duncan. “Many companies have worked with distributors and exhibitors to convert an entire industry to digital technology but there’s still much to be accomplished with independently owned cinemas art houses and cinemas in emerging markets. It’s gratifying to hear the positive responses from many of the owners that are now able to convert with our new S2K chipset for small screens. Our licensed partners Barco Christie and NEC are experiencing strong and even record-breaking demand for their economical S2K-powered projectors.” Worldwide adoption of DLP Cinema screens reached 74 965 (up from 51 620) representing a 45 percent boost Duncan said. In terms of those screens that are 3D-capable there are now 40 178 globally for a 33 percent increase from 30 290 previously. The total DLP Cinema worldwide screens do not include IMAX digital powered by DLP Cinema which separately reached 529 theatres globally (300 in North America and 229 internationally) including more than 100 theatres in China; IMAX plans to open 150 more theatres in the next couple of years. Duncan said exhibitors across Europe the Middle East and Africa also continued the move to digital in their theatres during the past year reaching 24 715 DLP Cinema screens total and 13 161 for 3D shifting upward 40 and 21 percent. Latin American screens powered by DLP Cinema moved to 4 481 for an 85 percent increase and with 3D moved to 2 992 screens (28 percent growth). During a special awards luncheon which was held on December 13 at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong DLP Cinema presented its Marketing Achievement Award to Megastar Media Company for its outstanding work in exhibition and distribution throughout Vietnam following the company’s inception in 2005. Megastar’s chairman and CEO Brian Hall accepted the award. “We have always strived to bring our cinemagoers the best possible experiences starting with our first MegaStar location at the Vincom City Tower in Hanoi ” said Hall. “Vietnam’s box office has grown dramatically over the last several years and DLP Cinema has played a great role by bringing 2D and 3D digital technologies into our cinemas.  We look forward to the next generation of innovations from DLP Cinema to help us keep audiences coming again and again.”