CC Mercosur Names Schneer Director of Motion Pictures

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Tue, 08/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mercosur USA the international free trade union between Latin American countries and other nations has appointed Barry A. Schneer as its director of motion pictures. Schneer’s responsibilities which became effective August 1 will include overseeing the approval of all domestic motion picture projects presented to CC Mercosur for film finance funding.   “We are extremely pleased to have Mr. Schneer join our board of directors in the division of motion pictures and look forward to his strong leadership in advancing Mercosur’s activities in the entertainment industry across both South American and the U.S. markets ” says Mercosur’s U.S. consul general Felix J. Mostelac.

 “In looking to expand our multinational financial services to the film industry within the United States we could not have selected a more suitable individual for the position ” says Mostelac. “Mr. Schneer holds an MBA and a Juris Doctorate and comes from a long family background in the motion picture business reaching back to a great uncle Abe Schneider the former president of Columbia Pictures; as well as his father’s brother the world beloved fantasy film producer Charles Schneer known for such classic films as Jason and the Argonauts Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger The Golden Voyage of Sinbad The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad Clash of the Titans 1981 Earth vs Flying Saucer among many others.”

 Currently Schneer as executive producer of Morningside Entertainment is working to develop the next trilogy of Sinbad films the first of which is entitled Sinbad the Rogue of Mars that was optioned from the graphic novel developed in conjunction with Bluewater Comics. When asked if there was any concern that Schneer’s involvement as executive producer in the new Sinbad project would hinder his ability to his new appointment Mostelac said “I don’t think so. I have known Barry for some time and believe his ability to shine regarding the Rogue of Mars project will only add to his qualifications and will most certainly carry over to our organization. Anyways it’s a very exciting film project and we hope to lend our services to it in some capacity.”

 Schneer says “I am truly honored by the designation from the consul general as well as humbled that such an esteemed international organization would deem me a worthy candidate for the position.  I can state with confidence we will do great things together.” 

 As for the types of motion picture projects CC Mercosur would be looking to accept and/or finance Schneer says “We are really open at this time but I would say the main qualifier is that the film’s budget is in realistic proportion to the expected box office return and its waterfall distribution back to investors and as you might expect I have a personal favoritism for epic fantasy films.”