Calibre Introduces Alternate Content Processor

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Mon, 03/08/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Calibre has introduced the HQView-400DC alternate content processor which the company says has been designed for a range of consumer and professional AV sources.   Specially optimized for use with SonyCineAlta SRX-320 SRX-210 and SRX-220 digital cinema projectors the HQView-400DC alternate content processor can be used as both a routing switcher and a universal interface. Its range of inputs includes HD-SDI/SD-SDI HDMI 1.3 DVI VGA component YPbPr/RGBS composite and S-Video with signal compatibility up to 1080p and WUXGA resolutions and built in web browser remote control. “Calibre created the HQView-400DC as a lower-cost alternative to our PVProHD-DC alternate content processor ” says Tim Brooksbank chairman of Calibre. “It answers the need for processing of alternate content to bring it up to near-HD image quality and full compatibility with Sony CineAlta products at an affordable price point. We believe it will be especially popular with compact movie theatres that have smaller screen sizes as well as multi-purpose venues at which movies are only one component in the range of entertainment on offer.”   The HQView-400DC series alternate content processor offers motion-adaptive per-pixel video de-interlacing of both SD and HD signals thereby reducing image flicker and related artifacts. Images are processed with 12-bit accuracy and there is a choice of best-picture and low-latency modes. “The HQView-400DC alternate content processor is a perfect example of how our engineering team can tailor a product to meet the specific needs of an application ” says Brooksbank. “We are proud to be offering this image-enhancing capability to a new market.” Calibre