Brazilian Exhibitors Sign VPF Deal with Beyond All

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Mon, 01/30/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Fifteen Brazilian exhibitors have signed a letter of intent naming Beyond All as their integrator of choice to start virtual print fee negotiations with major Hollywood studios and independent distributors in Brazil expediting the digital cinema roll out in Brazil. This group of exhibitors comprises approximately 1 000 screens. Together with ANCINE the agency responsible for promoting and regulating the Brazilian film and video industries and The Brazilian Development Bank the main financing agent for development in Brazil Beyond All’s VPF agreements will expedite the deployment of digital cinema systems in Brazil.  “We cannot simply replicate the US or European deals in Brazil ” says Beyond All CEO Tieres Tavares. “Brazil has many unique challenges not the least of which is we are a country with continental proportions.” Beyond All has partnered with MKPE Consulting and Cinedigm Digital Cinema for negotiation and technical services.  MKPE will lead deployment negotiations for the consortium.  MKPE principal Michael Karagosian brings 12 years of digital cinema experience to the table and was responsible for organizing similar deployment agreements in Ireland and the Philippines. Cinedigm will provide Theater Command Center software to automate and manage the operation of digital movie theatres and will also provide the enterprise digital cinema servicing software to manage the billing monitoring verification collections and disbursements. “We believe the exhibitors in Brazil will benefit from this partnership with Beyond All MKPE and Cinedigm. This arrangement translates not only into experiences combined but also into dynamism within the decisions yet to be taken ” says Ricardo Difini CEO of GNC and a participant in the Beyond All program. Cinedigm