Blitz-CineStar Names Barco as Exclusive Projector Partner

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Fri, 05/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Croatian exhibitor Blitz-CineStar has selected Barco as exclusive digital cinema projector partner. Within the space of a year the cinema chain will transform all of its ten multiplexes to state-of-the-art digital cinema complexes. Last month Croatian cinema chain Blitz-CineStar inaugurated its brand-new all digital flagship multiplex in Zagreb's prestigious new Arena Center. It is located in the capital of Croatia and is equipped with ten Barco DP2K digital cinema projectors. In addition Blitz-CineStar operates nine other multiplexes that the company is converting to digital with the help of Barco.  “A full conversion to digital cinema was a must for an ambitious chain like Blitz-CineStar ” says Hrvoje Krstulovic Blitz-CineStar board member. “The bar had been raised very high both for quality and the timeframe: we wanted a technology partner that could offer a reliable high-quality and future-proof digital solution for all our multiplexes within the space of just a year.” 

 After carefully examining the available digital cinema projectors Blitz-CineStar selected Barco's DP2K series. The cinema chain ordered all of the different DP2K projector types each one tailored to fit the auditorium and screen size. “This approach helped us save costs while providing us with the perfect set-up to meet our varying needs ” says Krstulovic. 

With the rollout being halfway Blitz-CineStar can already see the benefits. “Movies and cinema are our passion so we don't settle for anything less than the best technology. Barco has met or even exceeded our expectations. They succeeded in meeting the tight deadlines and the image quality is beyond compare. In this way they really help Blitz-CineStar deliver the exciting cinema experience that we always dreamt of ” says Krstulovic.