Barco Signs Supply Agreement with D-Cinema Korea

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Sun, 06/13/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has entered into a supply agreement with D-Cinema Korea and has shipped the first order. With this agreement signed Barco can deliver its new Series II digital cinema projectors to more than 150 screens at nearly 20 sites for the Korean roll out. Following the success of Phase 1 in which they are installing about 500 screens DCK enters Phase 2 of their digital roll out with Barco's supply agreement for more than 150 units. For DCK this agreement is the catalyst for a rapid deployment of digital projection systems in 2010. DCK will deploy a full spectrum of Barco's family of DP2K projectors together with full solution for digital cinema in various locations in South Korea. Dong-ho Lee co-CEO of DCK says on their projector choice that “This decision was prompted not only by the merits for the owner like the superior reliability low cost of owner-ship but also by the benefits for the end-users like ease-of-use performance of Barco projectors at theaters. We tested and evaluated Barco in detail but Barco showed its strong points effectively through the shoot-out test. We put high expectation on Barco's new DP2K series” 

 “DCK has considered how to provide the best 2D and 3D viewing environments available. In these aspects the choice for Barco is no wonder and we are satisfied with this decision ” says Jung-hoon Cho co-CEO of D-Cinema Korea. “We believe Barco's new Series 2 projectors will help us to provide two confidences. One is as Barco has been to deliver the proven performance reliability and user-friendliness of their renowned DP projectors continuously and the other is to support us to open the future with DLP cinema enhanced 4K.” DCK was established in 2008 as collaboration between CJ CGV and Lotte Shopping Cinema Division. The company's main objective is to convert to digital more than 1 000 screens in South Korea. “Barco is very proud to have been selected as a partner in DCK's Phase 2 deployment project ” says Barco vice president digital cinema Wim Buyens. “As soon as these new Series-II projectors of Barco are set into DCK's projector rooms audiences will immediately enjoy the benefits of the DP2K-series' intensely bright projection and ultimate 3D performance while DCK will have full DCI compliance the brightest pictures and the optimal picture quality.” “We are delighted that DCK has chosen to partner with Barco for the next phase of their Digital Cinema deployments” says Lee Dong-kyu who leads Barco Digital Cinema in South Korea “We will ensure DCK and our exhibitor partners get the most benefit from Barco projectors and our mutual collaboration with DCK. We view this as a validation of Barco's outstanding products and services by a world leader in digital cinema and look forward to building a long term relationship with DCK and its exhibitors.” Barco