Barco Exclusive Digital Cinema Supplier for Landmark Theatres

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Fri, 10/12/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco will be the exclusive supplier of digital cinema projectors for Landmark Theatres the nation's largest theater chain dedicated to exhibiting and marketing independent film. Barco will convert 202 screens located in 41 sites across the United States providing complete installation maintenance and support services. Landmark’s foray into digital cinema began in 2005 when it became the first exhibitor in the U.S. to adapt 4K projection for cinema. Soon after its Magnolia Theatre in Dallas Texas achieved the distinction of becoming the first site to show a live 3D simulcast by satellite of a sporting event – a Dallas Mavericks basketball game. Now with studios imminently closing the door on film print production and enrollment in most Virtual Print Fee programs ending this year Landmark recognized the time had come to complete its digital cinema deployment. “Barco simply offers the brightest images and best performance of any digital cinema projector on the market ” said Bryan Linington vice president technology for Landmark Theatres. “The fact that we can essentially rebuild the projector in the booth is a true testament to its modularity which translates into hard dollar savings when you consider the easy upgrade to 4K as well as economical parts and outstanding service.” Landmark Theatres CEO Ted Mundorff said “Our theaters cater to an audience with highly discerning tastes and we’ve earned their loyalty by consistently putting the best images on screen – whether it’s a new theatrical release or a treasured classic.” Total cost of ownership was also a key factor in Landmark’s decision to choose Barco as its exclusive digital cinema projector supplier. “By partnering with Barco we’re confident that we can maintain our reputation for cinema excellence as we adapt their migration path to laser and high frame rates while also benefitting from a great ROI ” said Mundorff. “We are honored to build this tremendous association with Landmark Theatres for whom we have the utmost respect as a high quality exhibitor ” said Patrick Lee vice president digital for Barco North America. “We are pleased to play a small role in ensuring that independent movie houses continue to thrive and do what they do so well: offer a diverse sophisticated and unique array of cinema entertainment.” Landmark Theatres