Barco Delivers Cinema Contrast, Immersive Audio Papers at SMPTE 2015

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Tue, 10/27/2015 - 10:48 -- Nick Dager

Barco is presenting new findings on Achievable Cinema Contrast with the advent of laser projection, and a proposed Listening Test Methodology for Object-Based Audio Rendering Interoperability at the SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Hollywood, California from October 26-29.

Dr. Goran Stojmenovik, product manager laser projection at Barco, will present the results of experiments and modeling conducted by a team of researchers at Barco’s technology center in Kuurne, Belgium. The paper explores the factors that contribute to varying degrees to what is becoming known as the theatre System Contrast Ratio. Factors such as lens flare, port glass characteristics, room design and color, seating, screen, lighting, décor – even the number of moviegoers in the room and what they are wearing – all have an impact, effectively reducing the native contrast ratio of the projector. Based on these findings, which were measured according to a mathematical model, it is evident that theater design plays a large role in the ability to realize the full image quality potential of laser projection.

The preservation and representation of artistic intent are driving keywords for the emerging SMPTE Immersive Audio Standard. Brian Claypool, vice president of strategic business development, and co-authors Markus Mehnert and Bert Van Daele, propose a listening test methodology ensuring that a single interoperable immersive audio OBAE bit-stream can achieve a baseline performance profile necessary to preserve artistic intent. By using real world examples of test content acceptable to the larger community, this approach enables a path forward to a true single inventory immersive audio bit stream for the cinema industry and potentially other downstream deliverables.