Barco D3D Cinema to Host Technology Demo at Moody Gardens

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Thu, 09/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Museum cinema integration pioneer D3D Cinema will team with Moody Gardens and Barco to host an exclusive preview of new digital projection technology providing a glimpse into the future of the movie going experience. The event will take place January 9-10 on an 80-foot screen at the second annual Moody Gardens Digital Cinema Symposium in Galveston Texas. Barco says the event will feature a series of noteworthy milestones in the digital cinema revolution including the first demonstration of Barco's revolutionary laser light engine on a giant screen the first demonstration of true DLP 4K resolution 3D on a giant screen the first 4K 3D comparison of 48 frames-per-second and 60 frames-per-second content and the first giant 3D 500 mbps comparison nearly double the current cinema bit rate standard. Barco and our technology partners continue to raise the bar and redefine the forefront of cinema technology innovation says Don Kempf president of D3D. We are confident that this event will demonstrate to the museum and giant screen communities that the future of experiential digital 3D cinema is now. Last year's first Moody Digital Symposium was a truly groundbreaking event enabling our industry to move past talk and theory for the first time. This year we intend to further the digital 3D revolution with another provocative display. Art Mercurio vice president of technology at D3D Cinema says As a 3D system integrator we're particularly excited about the light levels that lasers can achieve. As they do with all of their technology Barco has approached the laser lamp house design to be fully modular so that all of their current 4K projectors may be upgraded simply and easily. And no more xenon lamp costs. We're fully committed to providing the highest quality solutions for giant screen theaters says Todd Hoddick vice president of Barco's entertainment division in North America. D3D is helping to guide this industry in an electrifying direction and we're pleased to be helping them lead the way. Registration for the 2012 Moody Digital Cinema Symposium begins in October. Barco D3D Cinema Moody Gardens