Barco CineStore SoloG3 Earns Certification

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Fri, 09/28/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Barco has announced that its CineStore SoloG3 digital cinema server has passed the Compliance Test Plan for the DCI Digital Cinema System Specification. Since June Barco has been providing its customers with a software-only and fully automated update package to upgrade the CineStore SoloG3 server to a DCI-compliant version. This upgrade process is near to completion. “I congratulate the team on passing the Compliance Test Plan ” says Wim Buyens senior vice president of Barco's Entertainment Division. “We are very pleased that the CineStore SoloG3 has achieved DCI compliance. This again proves our commitment to offering the digital cinema industry high-class technology. As DCI compliance is mandatory for all digital cinema manufacturers we now guarantee our customers that they can meet the VPF obligations with their DCI-compliant server.” 

 Digital Cinema Initiatives is the originator and administrator of the Compliance Test Plan (CTP) created to provide a uniform testing procedure for demonstrating compliance with the DCSS. The DCSS is intended to promote the widespread deployment of high-quality digital cinema equipment that is interoperable and provides rigorous content security. Manufacturers may demonstrate compliance by developing equipment in accordance with the DCSS and its referenced SMPTE ISO and FIPS standards and then submitting the equipment for testing to a third-party entity licensed by DCI to administer the CTP. In this case the CineStore Solo G3 passed the CTP at DMC/Keio University in Japan.