Band Pro Marvin Sign Exclusive Sales Agreement

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Wed, 09/29/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Band Pro Film & Digital has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Marvin Technologies to sell Marvin systems in the United States Germany Switzerland and Austria. Those systems are already being used in the field on an 80-day shoot for the Dutch miniseries Lijn 32 to automate the creation of backups LTO tape masters QuickTime proxies for offline editing and DVD dailies. This year we have been taking a good hard look at the direction our industry is going says Amnon Band president of Band Pro. With the growing use of data cameras like Red and SI-2K data management is becoming as important as the camera used to capture it. Marvin is a natural result of this transition and is perhaps the simplest most elegant solution available. Band Pro is positioned to lead this movement and Marvin is one of the products that will take us there.

 Marvin supports the Red One Silicon Imaging SI-2K ARRI D21/Alexa Panasonic P2 Phantom and Weisscam HS-2 cameras. The system is housed in a 4U housing with a padded case and controlled through a simple browser GUI running on a laptop computer connected via ethernet.

 After entering the settings for a new project Marvin automates the rest of the process saving filmmakers countless hours of manual data wrangling and effectively eliminating the risk of human error. When removable media from the camera is attached to the system Marvin creates verified copies of every shot to its own internal RAID5 storage array. The system then generates multiple verified LTO copies of all of the shots from the day along with DVD dailies and QuickTime files for offline editing.

 Says Gerhard Baier managing director of Band Pro Munich “We are excited about adding Marvin to our product line-up. New technology demands new tools and Marvin is the data management solution that many Red owners and data camera-based productions have been waiting for.”

“We’re delighted to be working with the team at Band Pro to make Marvin available to filmmakers rental houses production companies and camera owners in Europe and the US ” said Adam Welsh general manager of Marvin Technologies. Band Pro Munich Marvin Technologies