Avid Project Sharing Available on Archion EditStor ES

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Mon, 01/30/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Archion Technologies is now offering Avid project sharing on its EditStor ES Shared Storage System which the company says enables complete collaboration between multiple Avid editors simultaneously working on the same open project.

 “EditStor ES now offers the native Avid project sharing that once only existed when using Avid shared storage solutions ” says James Tucci chief technology officer at Archion.  “We’ve now made it possible for Avid users to realize the benefits of this feature while also enjoying greater media management tools. This once again underscores our commitment to building innovative highly affordable products that combine compelling value like our EditStor ES with features that make them attractive to almost any facility.”
 Unlike very basic networked solutions according to Archion EditStor ES is a shared storage system that has been specifically designed with the level of features and scalability needed for media workflows including such functionality as project sharing and on the fly volume expansion.

“Having more than a decade of Avid workflow and shared storage experience our customers rely on us to introduce and enhance products that improve their workflows ” says Reuben Lima chief operating officer of Archion. “EditStor ES is a great example of our continuing development of products and toolsets that meet the needs of today’s digital media professionals.  At the same time EditStor ES is an unmatched investment – and the cost of scaling is even better.” Project sharing on EditStor ES is transparent to the Avid workflow.  When projects are placed on EditStor ES volumes several users can work on the same project at the same time.  Using the native locking mechanism Avid editors do not have to keep track of who is currently working in a bin; the lock shows them. This allows only one user to write to a bin but allows multiple users to read the files in that bin. This ensures that changes aren’t inadvertently overwritten to clips or sequences in the bin. The investment for a complete EditStor ES can be as low as $17 995 while a 64TB system can be configured at a total cost of less than $50 000. Systems are available for immediate delivery.

 Archion www.archion.com