Assimilate Announces Improved Playback for Red Epic Stereo Content

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Mon, 02/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Assimilate has announced that Scratch and Scratch Lab version 6.1 have improved performance levels in the playback of Red Epic Stereo content. Scratch Lab now provides DITs DPs and Directors with dailies playback and review of Raw Stereo Epic streams direct from the camera at a full 48 FPS. Scratch 6.1 finishing systems can achieve the same 48 FPS playback rate of Epic Stereo content even after sophisticated color grades and VFX have been applied. Now directors and DPs that are planning the next generation of stereo feature films can have the confidence of knowing that they can maintain the integrity of their shot from on-set QC and review all the way through post-production. And best of all they can eliminate the costly and time-consuming step of transcoding. “48 FPS Stereo Epic feature films are the next holy grail on the moviemaking horizon ” says Ted Schilowitz of Red. “Directors are constantly pushing the envelope to deliver the highest quality cinematic experience possible and Epic is the camera of choice for the majority of the top stereo productions in 2012. We’re delighted that these productions now have the benefit of 48 FPS playback review and QC of stereo EPIC shots on-set and in real time with an industry leading tool like Scratch Lab. The ability to achieve 48 FPS Stereo Epic support in a world-class dailies workflow system for less than $5 000 is astonishing.” Jeff Edson CEO of Assimilate says “Scratch and Scratch Lab have been at the leading edge of digital moviemaking since the original Red One camera. Today’s announcement is just another example of how Scratch and Lab and Red continue to set the pace for the industry. Assimilate is dedicated to delivering the highest quality most consistent artist experience for file-based content - from image acquisition all the way through DI and post. We’re committed to continue working in lock-step with Red as we consistently deliver the technology that changes the way the world watches movies.” Assimilate