Arqiva Delivers 100th Feature Film Via Satellite

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Wed, 05/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Arqiva has delivered its 100th full-length feature film via its digital cinema satellite distribution system.  The company did not say what that film was; according to a spokesman because it had not yet received the studio's permission to name it. 
 Marco Tinnirello head of digital cinema at Arqiva said “Arqiva is an industry leader pioneering the electronic delivery of cinema content via satellite.  Our proven satellite-based delivery platform on IS905 offers studios and exhibitors significant cost savings as well as simplicity speed and security.  This powerful combination has led to an ever-increasing uptake and the roll out of our network across Europe.” “We are now delivering at least ten full-length feature films to hundreds of cinemas every month.  This makes the one hundred mark a clear indicator of the huge momentum our network has gathered and the tremendous potential for digital cinema in the years ahead.”