AccessIT Becomes Cinedigm

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Mon, 12/08/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Access Integrated Technologies has announced that it will be changing its name to Cinedigm Digital Cinema. This conversion allows for significantly expanded possibilities for big-screen theatre-based entertainment including live performances and events in 3D according to the company adding that the new name and identity are designed to better represent the company's position in the new paradigm in cinema entertainment made possible by its technology and services. It's time that we had a brand that more accurately captures the real promise of what we offer says Bud Mayo the company's chairman and CEO. Our platform takes the movie-going experience beyond cinema allowing studios theatres and content-creators to enhance and expand the kinds of content they can provide to consumers. We have successfully brought true digital cinema to over 3 700 screens in the U.S. and are preparing to almost triple that number over the coming few years. Digital cinema is a terrific opportunity for the industry and enables a wonderfully improved experience for consumers so we are very excited about what's ahead for our business and industry. The company will seek approval by its stockholders of the new corporate name at its next stockholders' meeting in September 2009. Until such approval the company will maintain its corporate name but also do business as Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation and use the brand name Cinedigm. The company's subsidiary The Bigger Picture will also be changing its name to Cinedigm and will be known as Cinedigm's Alternative Content Distribution group. A new stock symbol that will better reflect the company's name is expected from NASDAQ shortly. Until such time the company's stock symbol will remain AIXD. Cinedigm