AbelCine Purchases Multiple Codex Onboard S Camera Recorders

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Thu, 12/13/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

AbelCine has purchased multiple Codex Onboard S camera recorders. AbelCine purchased the recorders to support productions using the new Canon Cinema EOS C500 cinema camera the Arri Alexa camera and other digital cameras that generate high-resolution raw data. With offices in New York Chicago and Los Angeles  AbelCine is a longtime reseller of Codex technologies. The company anticipates strong demand for the Canon C500 and continued demand for the Arri Alexa and is committed to servicing those productions with best-in-class recording technology. “An increasing number of productions are choosing to shoot raw ” said AbelCine camera technology specialist Andy Shipsides. “With Codex systems we can service everyone from lower budget productions to high-end features.” Shipsides said that AbelCine will co-venture with Codex to market and provide training for Onboard S and other Codex products. AbelCine East Coast rental manager Mike Nichols said Codex is the preferred choice among the company’s cinematographer clients especially for recording raw data. “The Codex name is associated with reliability ” he said. “It also has a wonderfully expansive feature set and attractive price point. Codex is the standard for digital cinema production.”