AAM Screenwriter Now Controls IMAX, Wanda Cinema First Customer

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Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:45 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media has announced that its theatre management system Screenwriter now features full integration with The IMAX Experience, allowing screens in IMAX cinemas to be controlled with one simple, automated workflow. The first customer to benefit from the new solution will be a joint client of AAM and IMAX Corporation, Wanda Cinema Line.

Previously, exhibitors with both IMAX screens and other digital screens in the same complex would have two separate workflows to run their cinema operations. With the new Screenwriter integration, exhibitors can manage all screens in the complex from one central point, providing an easier and cheaper solution. IMAX screens can also now benefit from the monitoring and control Screenwriter provides including real-time playback reporting, alerts for errors with content or KDMS, drag and drop playlist building, automatic content transfer and comprehensive log collection.

Howard Kiedaisch, chief executive officer of Arts Alliance Media, said of the development, “IMAX has built a great brand and technological solution and we’re very pleased to help enable our exhibitors to centrally operate IMAX screens along with their other equipment. We’re proud that Screenwriter is the only TMS on the market that supports all screen server manufacturers and that this new feature will be first experienced by such a prestigious partner as Wanda.”

Andrew Cripps, president, EMEA of IMAX added, “As we continue to rollout IMAX cinemas across the globe, we’re excited that by working with AAM we enable our cinema partners to have simple control functionality.  We have many installations to come and with many overlapping customers, it’s great that we’re able to work together effectively.”

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