AAM and Cinevise Announce Deal with SuperCines in Ecuador

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Mon, 08/13/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media and Cinevise the Miami and São-Paulo based digital cinema systems supplier have announced a software deal with SuperCines Ecuador’s leading circuit. The deal will see AAM’s Screenwriter theatre management system installed by Cinevise in over 150 SuperCines screens across Ecuador. AAM and Cinevise have been working together since 2011 when they signed their first software licensing agreement that is bringing AAM’s TMS into all of Cinemais’ theaters in Brazil. The Supercines deal is Arts Alliance Media’s first in Ecuador and significantly expands the company’s presence in Latin America. Cinevise will also provide SuperCines sites with monitoring services from its Global Network Operations Centre. Martin Schwartz of SuperCines said “We have been working with a demo version of Screenwriter for a while now and have been impressed with its ease of use and its comprehensive features. We’re pleased to announce a wider rollout of the software into our screens across Ecuador with monitoring by Cinevise. We look forward to continuing to work with Cinevise and AAM to extend our relationship. Alex Younger of Cinevise added “We have been working with SuperCines for 20 years now and we’re delighted to supply them with AAM’s best in class TMS software as well as monitoring and supporting their digital sites. We look forward to continuing our discussions with them and working with other exhibitors throughout Latin America to bring the best software to them as they convert to digital.” Eric Stevens commercial director of Arts Alliance Media said “We’re tremendously excited about this opportunity in the Latin American market and thrilled to be making our first deal in Ecuador. The digital cinema market in the region is beginning to move faster and we hope many other exhibitors will follow the digital path taken by our friends at SuperCines.”    ,3456
4K London Working Title Collaborate on Two Films,2012-08-14, 4K London is providing digital imaging services on About Time written and directed by Richard Curtis and produced by Working Title Films. 4K has also recently finished working on another Working Title project I Give It A Year. Following a meeting with cinematographer John Gulesarian 4K London proposed Mustafa Tyebkhan as Digital Imaging Technician for About Time. Gulesarian is shooting on Arri Alexa ProRes with anamorphic lenses.  Sixteen19 is producing digital dailies and Deluxe 142’s colorist Adam Glasman will grade the final picture. Alex Panton agent and sales director 4K London said “John and I had a great meeting in a Santa Monica café in April and I had a feeling he would gel with Mustafa. We’re very pleased to be working with Working Title again on another exciting project.” About Time a fantastical romantic comedy produced for Universal Pictures tells the story of a time traveler who finds the girl of his dreams on his travels. It stars Rachel McAdams Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson.   4K London www.4klondon.com   ,3457
Portion Posted at AlphaDogs Wins San Antonio Grand Prize,2012-08-14, The feature film Portion has been awarded the Grand Prize at the 18th Annual San Antonio Film Festival.  The film stars Bruno Bichir who also won the Santikos award at the festival for his outstanding performance as leading actor. Portion tells the story of Mexican illegal immigrant Luis (Bruno Bichir) who is faced with a tough choice when his mother—who lives in Mexico—falls gravely ill right before his final immigration interview.  Luis is torn between risking a border crossing to care for his ailing mother or leaving his wife and child behind in the United States and possibly not being allowed back into the country. The film was posted at AlphaDogs Post Production. Executive producer Juan Villarreal was just two weeks away from starting post-production on Portion when an industry peer highly recommended that he use AlphaDogs to finish the film. Villarreal was concerned about the problems he might encounter in post due to the film being shot with two different cameras.  Technical issues arose on the third day of the shoot when the Red camera experienced problems due to extremely hot weather conditions. This forced the crew to switch to the Sony F900 for the remainder of the shoot. “This is not something we wanted to do as we knew it could create a problem when matching the color in post said Villarreal. “I was not only happy but relieved when AlphaDogs colorist Sean Stack was able find the perfect blend of color to smooth out the differences in shots due to using two cameras.” As most independent filmmakers are aware producing films on a tight budget sometimes requires hiring crew with limited experience. The end result can often be mortifying once you get into post particularly when it comes to audio. Sound designer and re-recording mixer Curtis Fritsch was in charge of completing the sound mix for the film. Villarreal said   “I was extremely grateful that AlphaDogs had the experience in fixing these type of challenging situations with sound and mix that occur on set that need to be fixed in post. Curtis was able to separate and clean the audio channels without any effect on the vocals or sacrificing the sound in any of the scenes.” “I was thrilled when Portion won the Grand Prize at the San Antonio Film Festival” said AlphaDogs owner and founder Terence Curren.  “We treat each project that comes through the facility as though it’s our own.”  AlphaDogs also recently expanded their design team division of the company to include Marketing and Branding for projects in addition to their post finishing services now making AlphaDogs a one-stop shop for the independent filmmaker.   Villarreal said “I found the facility to be first rate with an ample number of bays and mini-studios all with top-of-the-line and up-to-date equipment with a staff that’s on top of their game in helping clients through all aspects of the post process.” Villarreal continues “Our project was as important to them as it is for us as filmmakers. AlphaDogs understands they are holding our baby and we as clients trust their judgment and professionalism. I have found a post house with all the elements of skill and experience and fully stand by AlphaDogs for my entire post house needs.”   Portion is Written and Directed by Gisberg Bermudez and Produced by 4 Elements Entertainment.  For more information visit http://www.portionthemovie.com/ ,3458
Guillermo Navarro Using Angénieux Optimo Lenses on Pacific Rim,2012-08-14, “The [Angénieux] Optimos are my first choice in approaching the story I’m telling because they are such a loyal translator of my vision ” said Guillermo Navarro. “For me they are literally the most important pieces of equipment along with the camera.  What I see with my eyes is perfectly translated by the lens and because of its truthfulness either the film gets printed with that or if it’s digital the media registers very very accurately what I’m intending to do.” Along with Breaking Dawn the cinematographer is also using the Optimo zoom lenses on his most recent project Pacific Rim.   “Pacific Rim is my first digital movie and since the weight of the camera is so light I can use the 15-40 zoom on the Steadicam which I am using every day ” he said. “The door has really been opened for me to use the close focusing 15-40 as well as the 28-76 as hand-held or Steadicam lenses.” There is no testimonial for cinematic lenses that is perhaps more telling than to have the DP actually purchase and own the lens. But when that DP owns two or even three sets of a particular brand of lenses the numbers start to have a voice and the endorsement becomes even stronger. As Navarro puts it “I not only use them – I own them. I have a set of Optimos with me on every project. I don’t leave home without them.” Navarro renowned for his award-winning cinematography on Pan’s Labyrinth and more recently for the films I Am Number Four and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is a long-time user of Angénieux lenses. The Optimos including the 15-40mm 17-80mm 28-76mm and 24-290mm are his zoom lenses of choice and were used every day while shooting Breaking Dawn-Part 1 and Part 2.  ,3460
Blackmagic Design Acquires Cintel Assets,2012-08-14, Blackmagic Design has acquired the assets of film scanner manufacturer Cintel International. Through this acquisition following the liquidation of Cintel International earlier this year Blackmagic Design has acquired the intellectual property and all aspects of Cintel’s entire portfolio of film scanning products. This includes all of the IP name and brand ownership and product development rights for the Cintel diTTo and dataMill digital scanners lines URSA C-Reality DSX and Millennium telecine lines as well as imageMill data management products. “This is a very exciting acquisition for Blackmagic Design. Cintel products are the most trusted names in the film scanning business and the incredible design expertise that has been built into every one of the Cintel products is amazing ” said Grant Petty CEO Blackmagic Design.

“The film market is in the middle of massive changes and how film is used is changing everyday. What hasn’t changed is the acknowledgement that film is an extremely creative way to capture images. This acquisition gives Blackmagic Design the ability to combine our vision and expertise with Cintel technology to provide the best technology for artists using film more efficient and affordable ways to bring film into a digital workflow and better ways to archive and restore existing archive film worldwide.”

 Service and support for existing Cintel customers will be handled by Cine Solutions. Both are independent of Blackmagic Design and will supply replacement parts and repairs provide expert engineering services as well as 24/7 maintenance help line to all users of equipment previously manufactured and supplied by Cintel International.
 Blackmagic Design www.blackmagicdesign.com ,3462
Shanghai Film Group Showcases Christie Technology in New Museum,2012-08-14, The Shanghai Film Group has announced that it is holding a showcase that will feature Christie technology and the new Shanghai Film Museum which is slated to open by the end of the year. “Shanghai is the cradle of Chinese film art. With more than 63 years of expertise in film production Shanghai Film Group has witnessed the Chinese film industry growing from strength to strength. With the establishment of the Shanghai Film Museum we envision bridging the past present and future of the Shanghai film industry through the seamless integration of technology and film arts. Through our collaboration with industry veteran Christie we strive to keep the museum lively by showcasing the latest entertainment technologies in the market. As the museum chronicles our past we also hope to feature the most advanced cinema technology available ” said Xiaojun Wang vice president Shanghai Film Group. “As the Shanghai Film Museum opens a new chapter in the history of Chinese film industry Christie will work hand-in-hand with the Shanghai Film Group to provide our advanced digital cinema technologies ” said Lin Yu vice president Christie Asia Pacific. “With more than 80 years experience and 31 000 digital cinema projectors deployed worldwide our technical know-how goes beyond projectors. Sophisticated technology solutions such as our integrated media blocks processors that show 3D and alternative content and software applications for cinema operators who manage multiplexes will all find their way to the Shanghai Film Museum.” ,3463
Cinema Cloud Deploys with Aspera Technology,2012-08-14,Cinema Cloud has deployed Aspera Shares On Demand as the core infrastructure of its newly launched service a cloud-based digital content delivery solution for cinemas video replicators and digital intermediates. Based in Melbourne Australia Cinema Cloud delivers a wide range of video editing authoring and encoding as well as digital cinema distribution services through its parent Promo Scape. Cinema Cloud receives numerous video files daily from a network of global partners and distributes them to its cinema customers across the Asia Pacific region. Using traditional mail services to distribute cinema content on hard drives created a costly logistical challenge due to shipping delays wear and tear on the drives and the potential for lost shipments and expensive expedited replacements. To help better serve its customers the Cinema Cloud service was developed as a cloud-based web application that enables high-speed secure media file distribution over the wide area network (WAN). When contemplating the design of the system Cinema Cloud quickly ruled out traditional transfer technologies such as the native HTTP transport of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment due to its inherent performance bottlenecks and inability to fully utilize available bandwidth. With those limitations transfer speeds and reliability standards would not have been acceptable to Cinema Cloud customers. Having experienced the benefits of fasp transport technology by using Aspera client software to receive content from partners in the US and the UK Cinema Cloud successfully tested and then deployed Aspera Shares On Demand to power the service. The combined use of AWS' cloud infrastructure and Aspera technology allows Cinema Cloud to achieve scale out of transfer capacity on demand while maintaining complete security of content end-to-end. And with Aspera Shares user and file sharing management is very easy. We have always been impressed with Aspera's speed and reliability for intercontinental file transfers said Tony Laughton CEO of Cinema Cloud. Choosing Aspera as the transport foundation for our service makes cloud-based video hosting and distribution technologically feasible and cost effective. Using Aspera Shares Cinema Cloud provides a unified system with which they can collect video content from geographically dispersed partners and distribute to cinemas in Australia and Asia. Its customers also benefit as content that used to take days to ship now takes minutes to download from Cinema Cloud. Powered by Aspera's patented fasp transport technology transfer of a 30GB Blu-ray to Taiwan or Germany takes only a few hours eliminating the risk of shipping damages and customs clearance delays. With Aspera On Demand we no longer have the uncertainty of shipping delays and losses commented Laughton. Aspera's transport platform is tightly integrated into our Cinema Cloud service providing high-speed distribution with complete visibility into transfer activity which is a huge benefit for reporting billing and auditing. With content providers and customers dispersed throughout the world distributors like Cinema Cloud need a fast and scalable solution that allows them to consolidate their operations and transfer large video files reliably securely and at high speeds over challenging intercontinental WANs said John Wastcoat vice president at Aspera. By using Aspera Shares On Demand Cinema Cloud is able to provide its customers with a next-generation paradigm for cinema content delivery. Aspera www.asperasoft.com ,3464
Starplex Cinemas to Anchor Loudoun Station ,2012-08-14, Comstock Partners has announced that Starplex Cinemas will be the anchor entertainment tenant at its Loudoun Station development in Ashburn Virginia. The Starplex cinema at Loudoun Station will offer eleven screens including its new Intense Digital Experience screen. IDX features a giant wall-to-wall floor to ceiling screen with 3D digital imagery and powerful sound. The Starplex Cinema will be located on Central Station Drive in the heart of Loudoun Station in a 135 000 square foot custom designed building that also includes a 10 000 square foot restaurant space and 50 000 square foot of office space. The Starplex cinema is expected to open in 2014. Tod Hanna chief operating officer of Starplex Cinemas said We are very excited about this new location and would like to be known as a family oriented movie theatre with affordable prices the entire clan can enjoy. Starplex Cinemas www.starplexcinemas.com ,3466
Digital Domain Completes Effects for The Watch,2012-08-14,Digital Domain Productions recently completed visual effects for The Watch 20th Century Fox's comedy starring Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn Jonah Hill and Richard Ayoade. Directed by Akiva Schaffer the movie tells the story of four suburban guys who accidentally discover that their town has become overrun by aliens posing as ordinary suburbanites and save it (and the world) from extermination. The movie includes an unusually large number of visual effects shots for a comedy and Digital Domain's work focused on those elements that were key to supporting the story; particularly the creation of hundreds of computer-generated aliens. The look of the aliens was designed by Legacy Effects which created a number of practical alien suits worn by actors. Digital Domain brought its expertise to the aliens' movement – achieving digitally what was impossible practically by giving them dynamics and physicality that were animal-like and could not be mistaken as human. Digital Domain's work supported The Watch crew by giving them serious science fiction to contend with (and play off) as they discover battle with run from and finally destroy in spectacular digital pyrotechnic fashion the invading alien force. Digital Domain visual effects supervisor Kelly Port oversaw teams in Vancouver British Columbia and Venice California and the work of visual effects partner Reliance MediaWorks done in India to deliver 239 shots in 10 months. Performance capture for the aliens was done in Digital Domain's virtual production studio in Los Angeles. Digital Domain Productions www.digitaldomain.com ,3468
Frankenweenie to Premiere at Texas Film Festival,2012-08-14,Frankenweenie will have its world premiere as the opening night film for the 2012 Fantastic Fest festival which takes place September 20-27 in Austin Texas at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Tim Burton stands as a titan of modern genre cinema.  To world premiere the feature adaptation of his early beloved short is a huge honor for me personally and for the festival in general said Fantastic Fest co-founder & creative director Tim League. Frankenweenie is a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog. After unexpectedly losing his beloved dog Sparky young Victor harnesses the power of science to bring his best friend back to life—with just a few minor adjustments. He tries to hide his home-sewn creation but when Sparky gets out Victor’s fellow students teachers and the entire town all learn that getting a new “leash on life” can be monstrous. A stop-motion animated film  Frankenweenie was filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D. The talented voice cast includes: Catherine O’Hara Martin Short Martin Landau Charlie Tahan Atticus Shaffer Robert Capron Conchata Ferrell and Winona Ryder. A Walt Disney Picture Frankenweenie is directed by Tim Burton produced by Tim Burton and Allison Abbate from a screenplay by John August based on an original idea by Tim Burton. The movie releases in U.S. theaters on October 5. ,3471
Discovery to Host Frankenweenie Science Fair at El Capitan Theatre,2012-08-14, The Discovery Science Center will partner with the famous El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood to host a Frankenweenie Science Fair in conjunction with the October 5th release of the movie Frankenweenie by acclaimed director Tim Burton. In Frankenweenie young Victor conducts a science experiment to bring his beloved dog Sparky back to life only to face unintended sometimes monstrous consequences. Participating students will conduct and submit their own inventive science experiment. This unique science fair will gather the best and brightest students to compete for three grand prizes. The first 50 participating students will receive a ticket to see Frankenweenie at the historic El Capitan Theatre and a pair of tickets to visit Discovery Science Center. The exciting first round of judging to determine the finalists will happen the week of September 10 2012 and then finalists will be judged by VIP judges the week of September 27. Of all participating students six finalists will be selected to have their projects on display at El Capitan Theatre from October 5 to November 1 2012. In addition the six finalists will each receive Disneyland tickets for them and three guests for reaching this distinguished level. The Science Fair competition concludes at the El Capitan Theatre on October 5th when three Grand Prize winners will accept their awards at a special ceremony on the El Capitan stage prior to the showing of Frankenweenie. Grand Prizewinners will receive all prizes listed previously plus a behind-the-scenes tour of Walt Disney Studios. Interested participants must be entering the 2012-2013 school year as a 5th – 12th grade student. All projects must present an experimentally based research design; illustrating scientific methodology or a demonstration/exhibition of a science or engineering concept based on themes from the movie Frankenweenie.   For more information: http://www.discoverycube.org/frankenweenie ,3472
International 3D Society Now Accepting Awards Nominations,2012-08-14,The International 3D Society is now accepting nominations for its annual Stereoscopic 3D Technology Awards to be held in November in Hollywood California. The Society's 3D Technology Awards honor technological achievement in the stereoscopic medium including mainly cinema television portable devices special venue themed attractions video games computers and other media. A blue-ribbon 3D Technology Awards panel will vote upon the entries. In these last few years the awards panel has been impressed with the technology advancements standardization and overall improved consumer experience that the technology innovators have brought to market said Jim Mainard head of digital strategy DreamWorks Animation and chair of the 3D Technology Awards Committee. We expect great things again this year in delivering to consumers the ultimate in 3D experiences. This year marks the Society's third annual 3D Technology Awards. The program will recognize individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact on the advancement of stereoscopic arts and technologies from July 2011 through June 2012. All entries are due by September 30 2012. The 3D Technology Awards Show celebrates the impact and innovation of the organizations and individuals whose advancements are leading this industry said Jim Chabin president of the International 3D Society. The organization is a professional community dedicated to advancing the arts and technologies of Stereoscopic 3D. The 3D Technology Awards Show will feature MasterImage3D passive glasses and technology. Rules regulations and entry forms are available online at www.international3dsociety.com. There is no entry fee for submissions. The submissions deadline is September 30 2012. Nominees will be announced prior to the show. International 3D Society sponsors include Signature Sponsors Panasonic and Korea Telecom as well as Founding Sponsors 3ality Technica Dolby Laboratories DreamWorks Animation Imax MasterImage 3D Pixar RealD Sony Pictures Entertainment The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Xpand 3D. ,3473
Legend3D Standardizes on EMC Isilon Storage ,2012-08-14, Legend3D the 2D-to-3D media content conversions provider has standardized on EMC Isilon scale-out storage for all of its visual entertainment assets. Leveraging Isilon’s ability to store vast amounts of high-resolution digital media Legend3D has streamlined its management of Big Data through greatly improved production management increased artist productivity and the creation of new production pipelines for major motion pictures such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon Smurfs Hugo and The Amazing Spiderman. Anthony Lopez director of IT Legend3D said “By selectively compressing files and moving them to the Isilon archive we can save up to 80 percent of our production space for certain projects and still regenerate all the necessary data our artists need. In the future we’re looking at moving our digital assets into the cloud and using SmartPools to optimize our capacity and further improve our efficiency.”
“Isilon’s excellent performance and scalability helped our studio grow smoothly from 50 artists to over 400 in less than a year. Today we can support upwards of 500 artists who can concurrently accessing the system without any issues or slowdowns. Isilon has given us peace of mind.”
“Our previous storage had limited performance and capacity hindering our growth and impeding our ability to handle our ever increasing volume of production work. Isilon immediately provided us with infinite scalability along with rapid access times and the ability to better manage our digital assets.”
“The ease of managing Isilon allows us to focus more on innovation instead of constantly thinking about storage. We trained our tech staff to set up Isilon in a couple of hours and we reduced our overall storage admin requirements from three FTEs to one-quarter FTE today.”
 After deployment in July 2010 Isilon was instrumental in Legend3D’s growth from 50 to over 400 artists in less than a year. Due to its flawless performance and scalability for Big Data it helped the company to accelerate its move into the 2D-to-3D media conversion business. Today up to 500 Legend3D digital artists can work concurrently with large image files stored on Isilon. Legend3D changed its digital media work flow and increased artist productivity by over 50 percent due in part to better performance and scalability with Isilon giving the studio increased capacity and eliminating delays. Isilon’s reliability and minimal management requirements allowed Legend3D to reduce storage administration from three full-time equivalents to one-quarter FTE.

With major 2D-3D film conversion projects generating as much as 100 terabytes of data weekly Legend3D’s previous storage environment proved inadequate. IT staff were charged with clearing out unused data which always carries the risk of inadvertently deleting important files. Furthermore as a result of Legend3D’s own aggressive R&D program huge production efficiencies were created that required ever-greater throughput. As a result storage and access to data rapidly became a rate limiting step and downloads to the artist’s desktop computers over the network were sometimes too slow impeding the artist’s accelerated productivity.   Legend3D needed to control the pace at which it scaled to ensure that its storage platform adapted to its existing and future high volume workflows.
Legend3D chose EMC Isilon scale-out storage so it could better handle the exploding data centric 3D conversion market. After considering other NAS solutions Legend3D’s selection of Isilon was based on the platform’s ability to scale beyond 500 artists and manage a 100-node render farm. The company deployed Isilon X-Series systems for its production digital assets and Isilon NL-Series systems for nearline storage of less frequently accessed data.
Today the Isilon infrastructure supports Legend 3D’s regular production space of 600 terabytes of digital images and video VMware virtual machines intranet servers and their robust production asset management system.  To boost performance in data synchronization between different environments the company also relies on Isilon IQ Accelerator nodes. With Isilon Legend3D has improved storage scalability and performance enabling dramatic business growth and innovation. ,3475
More2Screen to Distribute World’s First 3D Nutcracker Ballet to Digital Cinemas Worldwide,2012-08-14, More2Screen has been appointed by EuroArts Music to distribute the Mariinsky Theatre’s The Nutcracker In 3D – the world’s first 3D Nutcracker ballet – to digital cinemas worldwide starting in November.

 This is the third 3D ballet distributed by More2Screen following on from the Mariinsky Theatre’s Giselle In 3D in 2011 (the first 3D ballet) and in 2012 Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake In 3D which continues to delight audiences as it rolls out worldwide. 3D is the perfect medium for dance as it illustrates the space between the dancers as well as bringing the viewer right into the performance – a truly immersive experience.   

 Under the leadership of artistic director and conductor Valery Gergiev the Mariinsky Theatre was the first ballet company to embrace 3D technology. Working with EuroArts Music who have more than thirty years of experience in creating spectacular arts events for the screen The Nutcracker In 3D demonstrates the Mariinsky Theatre’s commitment to the synthesis of tradition with cutting–edge modernity.   

 Christine Costello managing director More2Screen said We are thrilled to be working with EuroArts Music and the Mariinsky Theatre again on this superb 3D production. It is a privilege to add the world’s first 3D Nutcracker to our portfolio of special events for digital cinemas.   

 Bernd Hellthaler CEO and executive producer of EuroArts Music says of the collaboration with More2Screen “With their impressive track record in distributing alternative content to exhibitors across the globe and previous experience with 3D ballet productions More2Screen is the ideal partner to work with us on the release of the world’s first 3D Nutcracker.”   ,3476
NBC Universal Installs MTI Film Technology for Digital Dailies Restoration,2012-08-14,NBC Universal has selected MTI Film’s Control Dailies Enterprise and Cortex::ControlDailies to process its digital camera dailies. The company has also increased its digital film restoration capacity through the purchase of additional seats of MTI Film’s Correct DRS. “MTI Film is very pleased to extend its long-standing relationship with NBC Universal through these latest product sales ” said MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. “Our engineering team has been working closely with their counterparts at NBC to implement improved workflows for dailies processing and restoration and we are proud of the continued confidence they have invested in our products and our team.” NBC Universal has already successfully utilized Control Dailies Enterprise on numerous television productions over the past two years while shooting in a variety of tape-based and file-based media formats. The industry’s leading solution for dailies processing Control Dailies Enterprise provides a comprehensive dailies workflow and has been used for more than a decade by a multitude of facilities to process dailies for film- tape- and digitally-acquired productions. “Control Dailies’ node-based architecture and shared database provides large facilities and studios like NBC Universal with the flexibility to rapidly adjust to changes in the type and volume of projects they are working on ” said vice president of product development David McClure. “For example assistants can log takes and synchronize audio while colorists apply primary color correction.” Convey a companion application to Control Dailies works in the background encoding editorial and review deliverables as takes are approved while maximizing efficiency by spreading the workload across available workstations. A central database allows individual users to work on multiple projects simultaneously. At NBC Universal McClure observes a single operator can process dailies for several productions in one shift as media drops are made. NBC Universal has been using Correct DRS for digital film restoration since 2006.  Its new purchase comprises six additional seats giving it a total of eight. Correct DRS is the recognized leader in digital film restoration. Since its introduction in 1997 Correct DRS has grown hand in hand with its customers into a full-featured suite of automated semi-automatic and manual tools designed to correct for many common problems including dust and debris scratches gate hairs warping and jitter and three-layer mis-registration. ,3477
Cinedigm ARC Partner to Distribute Nitro Circus The Movie 3D,2012-08-14,Cinedigm Entertainment Group is partnering with ARC Entertainment for the distributor’s highly anticipated Nitro Circus The Movie 3D. The movie opened in theaters nationwide last week. In the world of the sports adventure troupe known as Nitro Circus no dream is too out-there no idea is too high-risk and no never-before-seen stunt is too impossible-sounding to attempt.  They laugh at gravity as they somersault across skyscrapers gleefully morph their bodies into human torpedoes and generally aim to have more fearless fun than anyone else on the planet.  And now this summer the action-athletes who never stop pushing the boundaries of what others say can and can’t be done head off on their wildest and most inspiring quest yet in three dimensions. They’re on the road to world domination . . . or at least to Las Vegas . . . as they pull off a series of one-of-a-kind irreverent stunts in pursuit of creating the ultimate live show in the heart of America’s entertainment mecca. Using innovative 3D cinematography and the latest compact camera rigs the filmmakers provide moviegoers with a groundbreaking experience in 3D cinema that puts the audience in the shotgun seat with The Crew as they pilot motorcycles rally cars parachutes mountain bikes monster trucks and more. “ARC Entertainment is the perfect partner to utilize our theatrical distribution expertise and TDS software to manage their film releases said Brad Carroll vice president of theatrical distribution Cinedigm. “With ARC's pre-existing relationships the two companies together form a powerful and efficient distribution machine. This film is certain to have the legions of Nitro Circus fans thoroughly entertained. It is action-packed from the beginning to the end with each stunt crazier than the last.” “Cinedigm has emerged as a true 21st century company within the entertainment industry ” said Trevor Drinkwater chief executive officer of ARC Entertainment.  “Nitro Circus The Movie 3D brings out the best in those who see it and our unique partnership brings together the best of ARC and the best of Cinedigm.”