3D Sound Company imm Expands Internationally in Brazil

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Tue, 12/13/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Imm Sound has expanded its operations internationally with the opening of nine new movie theatres in Brazil owned by the cinematograph exhibitor Araújo. The imm Sound technology is available on screens in Maringá in the state of Paraná; Campos in the state of Rio de Janeiro; Guadalupe in the state of Piauí and Serra in the state of Pará. Three of the nine movie screens equipped with imm Sound’s 3D immersive audio in Brazil are installed in theatres in Guadalupe. From the six remaining movie screens equipped with the 3D system in Brazil  two are located in movie theatres in Maringá two in Campos and two in Serra. The year of 2011 has been key to the expansion of the 3D immersive sound technology by imm Sound  and is currently considered the best tri-dimensional audio system available in the market. In recent months the company has installed its 3D immersive sound system in Europe America and Asia. Therefore besides Brazil the 3D immersive sound equipment by imm Sound is currently operating in movie theatres in the U.S. and Europe.