3D Paint/FX to Convert Front Row’s 2D Library

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Tue, 07/31/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Writers Group Film Corporation through its wholly-owned subsidiary Front Row Networks a Los Angeles-based concert production and distribution company has entered into an agreement with 3D Paint/FX to supervise its media conversion of existing 2D content libraries and other emerging content into stereoscopic 3D for distribution into the 3D marketplace worldwide. 3D Paint/FX based in Santa Monica California is a visual effects studio specializing in digital workflow stereoscopic production 2D to 3D conversion and technology integration. 3DPaint/FX's process involves additional partners with rotoscoping and 3D experience including a vendor in India that can handle large volumes of detailed and complicated rotoscoping in a very cost-effective manner. For the Fox title I Robot we had 120 000 frames of rotoscoping. Our partner can do 70 000 frames a month. It would be hard to set that up here in the U.S. with the same economies of scale. We have developed a pipeline that functions well for libraries like Front Row's said Thomas Polson managing partner of 3D Paint/FX. 3D Paint/FX's recent feature work includes Rescue Dawn I Am Legend Mostly Ghostly and Dark Streets. Their client list includes Stardust Chrysler Comedy Central Saban Entertainment Fox Kids Network Warner Home Video Fox Latin America Universal TV Seiniger Advertising Keller Entertainment Zotos International Information Builders Pittard Sullivan Norman Lear and Vanity Fair. As part of this relationship 3D Paint/FX will coordinate post-production quality control and 3D conversion opportunities for Front Row Networks as it continues to acquire more content for its library. Our goal is to generate quality 3D content for multiple platforms and 3D Paint/FX's rotoscope and paint services combined with other conversion technology will significantly improve the costs of the conversion process and enhance our quality assurance levels for upcoming conversion opportunities said John Diaz CEO of Writers Group.