014 DS Selects Unique Digital’s Advertising Accord

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Thu, 06/25/2015 - 12:12 -- Nick Dager

014 DS, Madrid, has selected Advertising Accord software developed by Unique Digital to drive the full conversion to digital cinema pre-show management and distribution.

014 DS is a leading cinema advertising company in Spain and supplies pre-show content to 90 cinemas throughout Spain including market leading chains Cinesa, Yelmo and Kinepolis.

“The Advertising Accord product will enable 014 DS’s cinema division to embrace the ongoing digital revolution within our marketplace,” said Carlos Valiente, 014 DS CEO. “Advertising Accord provides both us and our Exhibitor customers with a more flexible, integrated and dynamic solution – benefiting our entire workflow from sales through campaign management to delivery and billing. Our cinemas are in a position to benefit fully from new operational and cost saving efficiencies, at the same time offering our clients the highest possible advertising quality. Unique’s long experience and knowledge of this market will ensure we can take full advantage.”

“We are excited about developing our working relationship with 014 DS in Spain,” said Chris Hagan, managing director of Unique Digital. “Our Advertising Accord solution is now responsible for managing and delivering the pre-show content for over 8,000 screens in Europe and is operated by all the market leading cinema agencies in the UK, Irish and Scandinavian markets.”