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Wed, 08/27/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Deluxe Installs New Digital Media Distribution System Deluxe has chosen a Signiant digital media distribution management system to automate accelerate and secure the distribution of post-production materials for motion pictures from major Hollywood studios and broadcast companies. Post-production and distribution of films has become more complex especially as releasing films simultaneously around the world has become more popular. Less than a decade ago dubbing films into different languages for international release was a tape-based process that took months. However as the demands of day and date release schedules changed the industry was forced to adapt. A film's domestic version can change throughout the post-production process typically very close to its release date leaving little time to make the necessary changes on the international versions. The digital file-based technology from Signiant will allow Deluxe to implement a highly automated and secure global transmission process over existing Internet connections. Deluxe serves many clients and transmits numerous films around the world. We found that Signiant gives us the automation and security we need says Ron Horwitz vice president and general manager at Deluxe Digital Studios. We're genuinely excited about what Signiant has to offer. The media and entertainment business is changing dramatically right before our eyes and Signiant is proud to be in the middle of the revolution says Tom Ohanian chief strategy officer at Signiant. Major studios have used our technology to move footage from filming locations around the world back to the editing studio and we're happy to provide the capability to complete the lifecycle by enabling Deluxe to deliver these films to the theatres for viewer's enjoyment domestically and abroad. Deluxe plans to fully-implement the Signiant solution by the end of the year. Deluxe Digital Studios Signiant