Screenvision Preshow Tackles Salmon Fishing

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Tue, 07/31/2018 - 12:21 -- Nick Dager

For this new Reel Food episode, Chadwick Boyd takes movie lovers on an adventure to the beautiful, clean waters of Alaska.Screenvision Media has debuted the latest preshow content for its Reel Food series, featuring food and lifestyle expert Chadwick Boyd. The episode – created by Screenvision Media’s in-house creative team, 40 Foot Solutions – is running nationwide as part of Screenvision’s Front + Center preshow and will continue through August 23, during the height of Alaska wild salmon season.

“Reel Food showcases delicious food and entertaining concepts from whichever environments we find inspiration,” said Matt Arden, senior vice president, brand creative, programming & innovation, Screenvision Media. “Our host Chadwick Boyd is an incredibly intuitive home cook who believes in understanding where food comes from. This time around, we found inspiration in Alaska where the world’s best salmon is caught.”

For this new Reel Food episode, Boyd takes movie lovers on an adventure to the beautiful, clean waters of Alaska. With the help of the fishing experts at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, he finds out firsthand how wild salmon makes it from the sea to our plates. He then fires up the grill to make his famous salmon burgers with mango and jalapeno, made with a secret ingredient – Alaska wild salmon.

“What better way to find out why my salmon burgers taste so great than to take moviegoers on a fun journey to the source itself - Alaska,” said Boyd. “You can’t beat the flavor and quality of Alaska salmon caught in the wild and sourced in an environmentally responsible way.”

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