Passing the Test

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Sun, 03/08/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Malco Theatres a Test Site for Dolby 3D Installs Two Harkness Perlux 220 Screens Malco Theatres is one of two test sites for Dolby Laboratories for Dolby 3D and the exhibitor recently installed two Harkness Perlux 220 screens. “Harkness Screens has presented the best-looking image of anything I’ve seen and they have significantly raised the bar with the introduction of the Perlux 220 ” says Michael Thomson vice president of operations and technologies for Malco Theatres.  “This type of screen is exactly what the 3D digital format specifically Dolby Digital 3D benefits from most.” Malco Theatres currently has two of the largest 3D images available in the country both utilizing Harkness’ Perlux 220 screens.  The first is located in Paradiso Cinema in Memphis Tennessee with a 3D image sized at 61 feet; the other is located in the Grandview Cinema in Madison Michigan which is Malco’s largest theatre in the US.  The 68-foot image supported by Harkness’ Perlux 220 is currently the largest 3D image in the world.   Many cinema exhibitors and special venue operators worldwide consider Perlux screens to be the premier gain projection surface.  Meeting the requirements for the highest possible gain (2.2) while maintaining acceptable viewing angles Perlux 220 is particularly suitable for active and passive 3D systems (not using polarized light) and for large 2D systems.   Perlux 220 is noted for its invisible seams under normal projection conditions.  Perlux 220 is available in full screen perforated form where behind screen speakers are required. Mini-perforated and non-perforated options are also offered. With approximately 320 screens in more than 30 locations throughout Arkansas Kentucky Missouri Mississippi and Tennessee Malco Theatres is one of the nation’s leading movie exhibition chains.  Malco Theatres bought its first Harkness screen back in the early 1970s.  Today 90 percent of the company’s screens are manufactured by Harkness with the Perlux 220 being their showcase screen. “Harkness Screens has been tremendously attentive to our needs ” says Thomson.  “Over the next few years our industry and our company are very much in a state of change as we move toward digital cinema.  We want to maintain our reputation as the very best in the industry and with Harkness Perlux screens we feel our reputation is safe.” Harkness Screens